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Clapham Common Tennis League

What you say

What our players say

"I've found myself a few good matches from last months singles tournament and we continue to schedule games together which is great."

"I really enjoyed the last round"

"You are doing well organising these competitions and I like the way you provide feedback etc"

 "Thanks for setting up these rounds and co-ordinating it all so efficiently. They have been a great success as you can tell from the number of matches played and the feedback"

"Thanks for organising a great tournament!"

"Thanks for organising. It was good fun."

"I've really enjoyed getting to play tennis against so many different people and think the league is excellent! Thanks for organising it so well!"

"I really enjoyed the league (even though I lost all my games)!"

"Thanks for your organisation of the league.  I think it's a great idea and since the round finished I've played and have games planned against previous opponents - which is what I and everyone else seems to recognise as one the best benefits from the league"
"Thanks for organising this: enjoyed it."

"Really enjoyed playing the league, and would like to do it again next time."

"I  have played a couple of social games with people from my group too, which is exactly why I joined, just to meet some new folks & get some regular tennis going so 10 well spent & thanks for organising :)"

"I'm enjoying the format, thanks for organising."

"You do a fab job organising all these events!"

"As I enjoyed last time round so much (thanks for the organising and email updates), I'd like to play again."

"It was great fun last year"

"Loving the game again"


Clapham Common Tennis League
In association with Lambeth Sports and Recreation